Amino Silicone  Fluid
McCoy Amino Fluid AF-1 is a reactive amino modified silicone fluid that gives excellent elastic properties, bounce and excellent softness with durability and novel handle.
Product Features:
Excellent bounce and wrinkle recovery
Gives an excellent soft handle 
Give an elastomeric film 
Resistant to washing and abrasion
Amino functional silicone
 100% active
Readily forms micro emulsions that are dilution stable
Emulsion stable in up to 500‐ppm hard water and 0.1% electrolyte
Application Area:
McCoy Amino Fluid AF‐1 reactive fluids can be easily converted into micro emulsion by using non‐ionic emulsifiers. These emulsions can be used in textiles & leather to generate elastomeric feel, soft handle, suppleness & silky finish that is capable of withstanding repeated washing cycles. They are especially useful for cotton, saris, suiting, etc to impart softness, bounce and body to the fabric. Choice of fluid depends on type and degree of softness required and coloration.
McCoy AF‐1 fluid is available in 50 kg H.D.P.E. carboys and 200‐kg containers
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