Silicone  Based  Antifoam  Emulsion
McCoy Antifoam - 30 Emulsion is high performance silicone based antifoam emulsion containing non‐ionic surfactants and functional additives. Presence of foam increases viscosity and reduces the density of liquids, thereby making stirring and transport difficult. It decreases the performance of the product, give application faults and decreases output. These antifoams effectively kill foam in low concentrations and do not show any adverse environmental impact (when used in ETP) due to their inert nature (chemically and biologically) and ability to decompose.
Product Features:
Easy to dilute using water
Extremely high performance, thus effective at very low concentrations (10‐100 ppm) 
Effective over wide temperature ranges
Compatible with other systems
Contains preservatives to prevent microbial growth
Application Area:
McCoy Antifoam - 30 Emulsion:
Latex Manufacturing
Effluent Treatment
Paper Industry & fermentation industry.
Oil and Natural gas production
Construction (Cement processing)
50 kg HDPE carboys 200‐kg drums & 1000 Kg Tote
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