Silicone Oil Based Aqueous Emulsion
McCoy EVA - 39 R is silicone oil based aqueous emulsion containing non‐ionic surfactants. It acts as a barrier and forms a thin film between the compound and the mould surface.

It is mainly used as a mould release agent in foundries, also has wide application in the rubber and plastics industries. It is one of the component elements in making of polishes and cleansers for artificial leather fabrics and furniture polishes.
Product Features:
Easy to dilute using water
Effective at wide range of temperature
Surface of mould becomes abrasion resistant and water‐repellent
Non ‐ Corrosive
Effective at lower concentrations
 No smoking, breakdown, carbonization, buildup on molds and dies
Application Area:
In Cold tyre remolding process
Mechanical rubber goods
Tyre manufacturing
Hot water bottles
Soles and heels
50 kg H.D.P.E. carboys and 200‐kg drums
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