High End Performance, Low Viscosity Silicone Emulsion
McCoy Feather is a high effective oil-in-water type microemulsion of amino functional silicone. McCoy-Feather is specially developed as textile softener and lubricant.
Application Benefits:
McCoy Feather provides following typical application benefits:
Imparts excellent smooth softness handfeeling
Good drape characteristics
Improved crease recovery and fabric elasticity
Low yellowing
Excellent effect at low levels of addition
Excellent emulsion stability at different condition
Application Process:
Garments: Exhaust method (Drum washing, dipping & spraying)
Fabrics: Padding, dipping, & spraying
McCoy Feather is recommended for:
Pure Cotton, woven fabric / grament
PV, PC, pure polyesters
Printed fabric, denim, jute
Optimum Dosage %:
(1) 0.3 - 1.2% o.w.f.
(1) 3 - 12 gpl.
50 kg. & 200 Kg.
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