Silicone Softener for Dry cleaning Machine
Finish-Perk Gel is a state-of-the-art silicone softener compatible with perk-chloro-ethylene for dry cleaning process in perk machine.
Application Benefits:
Fabric washing in water isn’t always a good idea. Fibers such as cotton, wool, silk, and rayon, are very hydrophilic and soak up water molecules like sponges. This water takes up space and causes the fibers to swell. This swelling distorts the fabric and changes its structure. When the fabric eventually dries, it may have shrunk or wrinkled. Finishing in dry cleaning machine is the best solution to short out all the said problems. McCoy Finish-Perk Softener is a solvent containg silicone based finishing chemical absolutely suitable for dry cleaning machine, imparting excellent softness without effecting any structural deformation of the fabric. McCoy Finish-Perk Gel has no effect on the colour of the fabric and improve the brightness and whiteness index of the white fabric. McCoy Finish-Perk Gel having excellent compatability with drycleaning solvent.
Application Process:
Garments & Fabrics: Exhaust method (Perk Machine)
McCoy Finish - 105
McCoy Finish-Perk Gel is well suited to all substrate fabrics which are unfit for wash and can be used in any perk machine after or without dilution.
• Silk
• Polyester
Optimum Dosage %:
(1) 0.5 to 1.5% o.w.f.
50 kg. & 200 Kg.
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