High Exhaustion, High Surface Silicone Emulsion
McCoy Nano is oil-in-water micro emulsion of amino functional silicone and is
specially formulated as textile softener.
Application Benefits:
McCoy Nano provides following typical application benefits:
Imparts excellent full softness hand feeling
Good drape characteristics
Improved crease recovery and fabric elasticity
Excellent emulsion stability at different conditions.
Application Process:
Garments: Exhaust method (Drum washing, dipping & spraying)
Fabrics: Exhaust method (Soft flow, winch, etc.), padding, dipping & spraying
McCoy Nano
McCoy Nano is well suited to soft flow process for all fabrics such as:
PC Towels
Cotton Towels
Terry Fowels
Polyester Fabrics
Optimum Dosage %:
(1) 0.5 to 1.5% o.w.f.
(2) 5 to 15 gpl.
50 kg. & 200 Kg.
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