TG - 0072
Silicone Masonary Water Repellent
TG - 0072 is a very economical water diutable solution of active silicone (total solid 30%) designed to impart water repellency to a wide variety of surfaces and material in particular, masonry surfaces. On application of the diluted solution (normally one part of TG - 0072 reacts with moisture and carbon dioxide in the air to form an insoluble, invisible water repellent silicone film within 24 hours.
Product Features:
TG Treatment is effective on all types of masonry having open bricks, stones,
  plastered surfaces etc. whether or not painted with cement base or other paints that
  do not seal off the pores of masonry.
Cement based or oil based paints may be applied over TG treated Surfaces.
TG keeps water on the run by forming an invisible silicone matrix on the masonry wall.
  How ever, I f dirt collects on the wall it can be easily washed off.
TG does not clog the pores of the wall, instead it deposit a very thin net like film with
  water repellent properties which does not obstruct the desirable breathing function of
  the wall. As a result of the TG Treatment on exterior walls, the interior walls remain
  damp free.
Application Area:
As Treatment for concrete, as in bridges, flyovers, highways, sidewalks
  and drives to increase durability by improving resistance to effects of
  tropical rains, water logging and freeze thaw exposure.
As treatment for manufactured and natural stones, such as limestone,
  sandstone, precast stone, granite and ceramics-reduces efflorescence,
  keep surfaces clean and improved resistance to weathering.
As coating for concrete, glazed and decorative tiles – to seal off
TG - 0072 is supplied in 24 kg pack containers.
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