TG - 0073
Water Repellent
TG - 0073 is a solvent free silicone concentrate that is based on silane/siloxane and is dilutable with organic solvents Dilute solutions of TG - 0073 in organic solvents serve as high quality general purpose water repellents for impregnating and priming mineral and highly alkaline substrates.
Product Features:
Good Penetration Capacity
High Alkaline Resistance
Tack free drying
Effective even on damp substrates
Water Repellency develops fast
Application Area:
TG - 0073 is suitable for imparting water repellency to absorbent, porous, mineral building materials. Eg :
All kinds of concrete
Mineral plasters
Cement Fibreboards
Sand lime brickwork
Brick work
Aerated concrete
Mineral-based natural and artificial stone
Mineral Paints
TG - 0073 is also suitable as primer for exterior paints.
TG - 0073 is not suitable for rendering gypsum water repellent
18 Kg
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