Silane Based Water Repellent
McCoy WR 20 M is an aqueous, solventless, silane-based water repellent. It is a high quality specialty product for impregnating both normal and reinforced concrete. This water-based silane penetrates most masonry and concrete pores and capillaries up to ¼ inch or more depending on surface porosity and moisture content at the time of application.
Product Features:
Solvent less, aqueous and environmentally compatible
Unique formulation
Deep penetration of absorbent surfaces due to small molecular structure provides
  added repellency
Penetrating water repellent action - fast water beading
Reduction in water absorption reduces spelling due to freeze-thaw and efflorescence,
  thereby increasing the life of the substrate
Penetration and absorption effective at low dosage
Application Area:
For use on mineral substrates such as brick, stone, concrete and mortar that require water repellency.
50 kg H.D.P.E. carboys and 200‐kg drums.
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